Grand Valley Student Voices

Ryan Foo

Special Presentation Tuesday, March 26th at 4:00PM

Ryan Foo, a Denver resident, is an emcee for the PeaceJam Rocky Mountain conference, an event producer, a member of the Black Actors Guild, a founder of The PodSpace in Denver, Colorado, and much more.

Student Voices producers were lucky enough to meet Ryan attending the PeaceJam Rocky Mountain Conference, and he graciously agreed to be interviewed. We were captivated by his words and his energy, and we HAD to have him call in so we could chat with him and share with our community.

This episode is slightly different than previous episodes, as it is less about politics and more about people. We feel it is important to connect with others, and we wanted to take the opportunity to explore and connect with Ryan through an open conversation.

Thank you to Ryan for having such an open conversation with us and being so willing to dive into deep issues having meaning to us.

To see his living resume and learn more about what he does, visit this link: