KWSI Music and Musician Database

Need to find a marimba player for your hip hop metal group? Need to find some jazz musicians to jam with? Then the Western Slope Music database will be the place to look.  This is a new database that is being started to find musicians, groups, jams, music stores, teachers, piano tuners, sound engineers, recording studios, etc. You can enter your (and/or your group’s/etc.) name into this database and it will be a place where you can connect with other musicians. Of course to make this work, we need to have as many musicians/etc.  join the database as possible.  It will be free to join and to search. You will enter your name, contact information, instrument(s) you play, type(s) of music (genre) you play, and any other information you want to enter; only your name and an email address will be mandatory.  There will be an area to enter webpage and Facebook information,

Please consider joining the database to help the music scene in the Western Slope thrive.  The database will be on the radio station KWSI website ( And also please consider donating to the radio station when you are on the website. KWSI has been actively supporting local music in Grand Junction,  and the sound engineer Lathem Gibson has spent numerous hours in helping me develop the database. For information on joining the database (it’s easy) or questions, contact me (Paul Preston) at Paul @  Thanks!

Public Music Database

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