Local Focus Western Colorado

Local Focus

Local Focus Western Colorado

This series is “Focused” on the Environmental Leadership Program offered through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  The Western Slope has many businesses, of all sizes, that participate and have helped save millions of gallons of water, thousands of pounds of waste, and thousands of kilowatts of energy.

Let us celebrate their contributions to making the Western Slope and the world a safer place to be.

Episode 1: Lynette Myers, ELP Coordinator, Lynette.Myers@state.co.us, 303-692-3477

This series is “focused” on the many local non-profits that contribute to educating residents of the western slope on matters of the environment and offer solutions to problems we face.

Episode 1:  Citizens for Clean Air, Karen Sjoberg, CitizensForCleanAirGJ@gmail.com, 970-242-1054