Series: The Apocaloptimystic Hour with Eric Niederkruger

tom acker

Virtually the entire “New World” speaks Spanish. It is impossible to envision this Country without all the contributions of Latinos. Indeed, the first European confirmed in North America were the Spanish, in what is nowContinue reading


Teilhard Du Chardin was a brilliant French Theologian, Paleontologist, and Anthropologist. He was instrumental in the discovery of Peking Man. Teilhard was one of the first westerners to grasp the concept of the entire PlanetContinue reading

fascism in the usa

According to Mussolini, who is often credited with the naming of modern Fascism, Fascismo in Italian, Fascism is more correctly described as Corporatism. In Socialism, the State controls industry. In Fascism, Industry controls the State.Continue reading

Styx interview

Yes, this is THAT Styx! Part of Apocaloptimysticism, is Optimism.  Styx has been making powerful, popular, optimistic music since 1972. We speak with “new” singer, Lawrence Gowan, who has fronted the band since 1999. TheirContinue reading

Homelessness In Grand Junction

So much of the information we receive about homelessness is dry, and academic, with a great deal of emotionalism thrown in.  Often missing is the humanity of the people who are directly impacted by Homelessness.Continue reading

David Barsamian interview

David Barsamian is the Godfather of modern, progressive radio interviewing. His show “Alternative Radio,” is carried by KWSI. Universally recognized as a Master interviewer, he steps into the shoes of the Interviewee.  We discuss theContinue reading