Series: The Apocaloptimystic Hour with Eric Niederkruger

Veterans For Peace

Dan Shea, from Portland, Oregon, is an activist with Veterans For Peace, a group whose very name speaks volumes. He is a Marine Viet Nam Combat veteran, and has much inside information to share. DanContinue reading

Air Quality in the Grand Valley

Local expert Karen Sjoberg joins us in the studio with an update on Air Quality in the Grand Valley. What is being monitored, and what have we found out? Also, a look at future conditions.


Bullying is a fact of life in American life. From the schoolyard, to the Polling Stations, Bullies victimize people.  Chances are high, that you, or someone you love has been bullied.  We explore what beingContinue reading

Battle in Seattle

20 years ago, on November 30, the Teamsters and Turtles Protest, the Battle In Seattle, Anti-WTO protests. This seemed to catch everybody off guard, except the Protesters. This U.S. Gathering brought together a wide varietyContinue reading