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  • Latin Waves: interviews Venezuelan-Canadian Sociologist Maria Paez Victor
    by (Latin Waves Grassroots Media ) on May 20, 2019 at 5:00 am

    The United States history of invasions in Latin America is well documented. Over 100 invasions in the last century. The economic violence of: odious debts, economic sanctions, blockades to isolate Venezuela (and any country in their target) from other sources of commerce, including preventing access to food, fuel, and friendship. The tactic of starvation is intended to punish the population of Venezuela, the aggression is intended to provoke an implosion, and turn people against their elected leader President Maduro who was elected on May 20 2019 by an undisputable majority. Host Sylvia Richardson speaks to Sociologist Dr. Maria Paez about the savage economic war, the death toll of economic sanctions causing the death of 40000 people. The violations of the UN charter, the Geneva convention, and trade laws that have created a dangerous precedent for democratic rule. Despite ongoing aggression Venezuelans continue to defend their right to autonomy and their right to choose their own government. […]


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