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  • Law and Disorder: Law and Disorder May 20, 2019
    by (Law and Disorder) on May 19, 2019 at 5:00 am

    Venezuelan Embassy Protected Against Staged Attacks In DC Democracy and the rule of law are being rapidly unraveled in our country by President Trump, his advisers, especially convicted war criminal Elliot Abrams, who was put in charge of policy in Venezuela, and John Bolton, who said that if the top 10 floors of United Nations building were lopped off it wouldnt make any difference, and with the support of the rightist insurgent Republican Party. The latest example is the American governments failed attempt military coup in Venezuela and its support of the ongoing attack on the Venezuelan embassy here in Washington DC. On April 30th, the United States tried and failed to overthrow the democratically elected Venezuelan president Nikolai Maduro. They fail to supplant him with Juan Guaid, the self-proclaimed a president whos only real power is outside of Venezuela and comes mostly from the Trump administration. Back home in Washington DC right wing counterrevolutionaries in support of Juan Guaid have so far failed in their attempt to take over the Venezuelan embassy. Under centuries of international law the embassy is considered the property of Venezuela itself. Last week the Washington DC utility company, undoubtedly at the request of the US government, turned off the buildings water electricity supply. Washington DC police and the Secret Service are preventing people from bringing food and water into the embassy. A number of American citizens, acting in support of democracy in Venezuela, entered the building to protect it against an invasion by coup supporters. They are also demonstrating outside of the building. The embassy protectors are being represented by attorney Mara VerhaydenHilliard of the Washington DC Partnership For Civil Justice. Popular Resistance, Answer Coalition, Code Pink Guest - Attorney Mara Verheyden-Hilliard has in the past successfully sued both the Washington DC police department and the New York City Police Department for their abuse demonstrators. ---- Lawyers For The Left: In The Courts, In the Streets And On The Air Lawyers For The Left: In The Courts, In the Streets And On The Air is the title of the just published book by our own Michael Steven Smith. It profiles the some of the nations most effective agents of social change. Michael discusses how he came to write this book and previews several of the lawyers profiled therein. As Chris Hedges quotes The lawyers in this book valiantly fought the erosion of justice and assault on the court system. Portside Review by Bill Ayers: Now open Michael Steven Smiths smart and compelling Lawyers for the Left, and youll find yourself plunged into the contradictions and swirling through the vortex where that question"what is the law?"is on everyones mind all the time. It takes on a unique urgency and a fresh vitality as its debated case by case and issue by issue by these committed advocates battling against a system they see as deeply and unfairly stacked against their clients"Black freedom fighters, Puerto Rican independistas, Indigenous and immigrant rights activists, women warriors, anti-war militants, water defenders, dissidents and radicals. None of the lawyers youll meet here holds fast to the traditional view that the law is simply a civilized mechanism for resolving disputes in an intelligent and reasoned way. They agree, rather, that any honest analysis of the law begins elsewhere, noting that in all times and in all places, the law is constructed in the service of whatever social/economic system created it. In other words, the law is a mechanism of control that works to protect and perpetuate existing social relations. […]


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