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  • Law and Disorder: Law and Disorder December 10, 2018
    by (Law and Disorder) on December 9, 2018 at 6:00 am

    How the Rats Re-Formed Congress A fable is a short tale that anthropomorphizes animals. The animals personify human virtues and vices, and function as an instrument of moral instruction. We mention this because Ralph Nader joins us to discuss his new book How the Rats Re-Formed Congress. Its a Fable about an invasion of rats in Congress that triggers a peoples political revolt. It begins when a Congressional reporter breaks a bizarre story: Rats have invaded the toilet bowls of the Speaker of the House and the Minority Leader. A national news frenzy ensues. Activists seize on the breaking story to organize for a populist agenda. Spontaneous rallies erupt. The activists see the rats upending business as usual routines on Capitol Hill as a symbol against lobbyists and corporate Congress. Millions flood into the nations capitol to take back Congress from Wall Street. Congressional offices are deluged with citizen rallies and meetings. Members are challenged in primaries. Incumbents join the movement. Wall Street and its lobbyists warn of economic collapse and mass layoffs if the peoples agenda passes Congress. Corporate front groups are formed to disrupt peaceful crowds. Despite that, corporate lobbyists and think tanks cant overcome the organized will of the determined citizenry. Guest " Ralph Nader, one of the nations most effective and well-known social critics. He has raised public awareness and increased government and corporate accountability. As a young lawyer in 1965 he made headlines with his book Unsafe at Any Speed, leading to congressional hearings and passage of a series of life-saving auto safety laws in 1966. His example has inspired a generation of consumer advocates, citizen activists and public interest attorneys. […]


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