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  • Moccasin Tracks: Moccasin Tracks for August 19, 2019
    by (Deb Reger) on August 19, 2019 at 5:00 am

    In this podcast we talked with the Duo, Timbered Lake on Moccasin Tracks August 12, 2019 during the live broadcast of Moccasin Tracks on Goddard College Community Radio with host Deb Reger. Diana Ramsdell Newman and Crow Suncloud join us by phone from their homeland territory in Maine also known as Wabanaki Territory. We learn about the origins of the songs on this new CD, World Undivided. You can hear Timbered Lake at some of the local Pow Wows and events on coastal Maine and beyond. An honor to talk with these folks and special thanks to Crow for reading his poem from an upcoming book to be titled Inner Woods. Thanks for listening! more Bio from the website: Timbered Lake The folk-indie duo Timbered Lake was formed in 2003 by singer-songwriter Diana Newman (formerly soloist Diana Ramsdell) and poet-singer Crow Suncloud (aka Tom Newman). The Maine based duo's commitment to support grassroots concerns throughout New England has lead to the immanent release of a double album titled World Undivided. The album was initiated, recorded, and mixed by Nicholas Sawyer and sequenced by Crow Suncloud. The music and lyrics were composed by Diana Newman. The double album is intended to be spiritual medicine for engaged listeners. In a time of ecological tipping points, global insecurity, and polarization of opinion, Timbered Lake brings focus back to what is common and essential to all life. Surpassing a simple protest genre, Timbered Lake offers music to inspire clarity of vision and healing, The distinctive lyricism informs while gently refreshing the listener, evoking heightened coherence between heart and mind. Listeners report that the intimacy of Timbered Lake's vocal harmonies often produces a third voice effect and is reminiscent of the harmonies accomplished by classic duos such as Ian and Sylvia or Simon and Garfunkel. Crow's gentle, unpretentious vocal style has been influenced by Dan Fogleburg and John Denver. His judicious use of spoken word and vocables within select songs, serve as talismans, underscoring the spiritually emotive strength that pervades Timbered Lake's delivery of universal messages. Whether conveyed through the richly soothing rhythms of the sweetgrass rattle or megis shell, the evocative beat of an indigenous hand drum, or the lush accents of the rain stick, Crow's nuanced percussion complements Diana's flowing finger picking style to underpin lyrics shimmering with pristine, natural imagery and spiritual content. Diana's vocals have been deeply influenced by Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell, as well as the fresh waters of the Earth. Her lyrics are deeply experiential. In an unorthodox style, Diana shifts seamlessly from singing melody leads to singing all the harmony parts in the duo's shared choruses. Diana's eclectic finger-picking style evolved from influences such as the Carter Family, Mississippi John Hurt, and Bob Dylan. Diana has opened for Tom Paxton at Wesleyan University. Timbered Lake has shared the stage with Nipmuk flute player Hawk Henries at the College of the Atlantic, has opened for Native American singer Joanne Shenandoah at Sipayic and Indian Island, and along with poet Paul Weiss has co-produced and performed a series of presentations honoring the work of Leonard Cohen.


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